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You can search for a couple by entering in the bride or groom's first and / or last name to find their honeymoon registry.

If you need help finding a couple you can call us toll free for assistance at 800-801-3493.

Lindsay D'Ambra and Nicole CormierLincoln, RI
Madeleine Gene and Jenn Chalifoux
Tyra Clark and Darline Dizon
Alex Schwerin and Maggie CallisQueens, NY
Maria Magana and Wileyda Cardona
Alex Libby and Jennifer Crosson
Anna Lovette and Korri Crim
Cristy De Santiago and Jacob Concha
Valerie Wynn and Rebecca Castillo
C-T Folding and Dianne ColemanC-T Folding and Dianne ColemanLong Beach, CA
Brandi Nicole and Ami Cathleen
Cristal Chavez and Krystal Rodriguez
Ella Collier-Benson and Bridget Benson
Deasha Carter and Heather Thompson
Deborah Robinson and Stacie CurticianMogadore, none
Angela Calloway and Mary Anne Basco
Alma Calvillo and Pilar Robles
Beth Chinnick and Meloney CollinsDover, PA
Edwena Corley and Courtney Windham
Amber Taylor and Stephanie Connolly
Ann Conducy and Anna GreathouseAnchorage, AK
Elissa Cheramie and Rosa Berry
Annette Celender and Mary SedgwickAnnette Celender and Mary SedgwickAsheville, NC
Georgette Carr and Courtney VincentWoonsocket, RI
angel cox and terri carrollSilver Spring, MD
Kathryn Johnson and Crystal ColeLake Charles, LA
Maribel Carlson and Dana CarlsonAurora, none
Shannon Chavez and Elicia CurrierLas Cruces, NM
Sara Clamp and Kat StockManchester, 0
Ryan Cummings and Sonja KasherskySacramento, CA
Kathie Nicholas and Vickey ChalfantKathie Nicholas and Vickey ChalfantGresham, OR
Akilah Cooper and Kimberly CooperVirginia Beach, VA
cheryl "cj" carnes and mary anne kirkHenderson, TX
CJ Carnes and Mary Anne KirkCJ Carnes and Mary Anne KirkHenderson, TX
Kelly Cahoon and Bernice OyagakBarrow, AK
Leslie Coleman and Amy SheffieldLake Charles, LA
Felicia Corral and Kelly CorralFelicia Corral and Kelly CorralSan Jose, CA
KC Cloud and Laurie ScottDurham, NC
Wanda Allen and Penny CarterWanda Allen and Penny CarterColumbus, GA
Christine Cartina and Caryn CoxMundelein, IL
Mair Cooper and katherine AndersonConcord, CA
Beverly Craton and Melonie JonesJonesboro, GA
Karen Cahill and Autumn Kane
Debby Campbell and Linda Stewart
Samantha Cespedes and Kendra Cuevas
Brenda Chappelow and Lisa ChappelowMarina, none
Edith Cruz and Myriam Cruz
Virginia Gutierrez and Sherrie Cohen
Selina Maldonado and Julie Christine
Sarah Vandeventer and Krista clouse

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