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What is the Olivia Honeymoon Registry?

Olivia is THE travel company for lesbians, and we charter the entire ship or buy out the whole resort. Your lucky couple has chosen to register for an Olivia honeymoon! We’ve partnered with Honeymoon Wishes to provide an easy and seamless way for couples to register for their honeymoons. The Olivia Honeymoon Registry is similar to a store-based registry. Your couple has registered for items they wish to receive as wedding gifts. Instead of asking for a crock pot, your couple may have requested an upgrade for their honeymoon suite, a couple's massage or a romantic dinner as wedding gifts.
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Why should I purchase a gift from the Olivia Honeymoon Registry?

You should use this registry to purchase a unique gift that will help your couple have the honeymoon of their dreams. Wedding couples chose a honeymoon registry for different reasons. Some have already lived together and have the household items they need. Others are hoping that guests will give them experiences they could not otherwise afford, making for experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. While some are looking to pre-plan special adventures and room upgrades on their honeymoon. They have chosen to use this registry so that they know ahead of time how much they can spend on their trip and contact the organizers to make arrangements.
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Will I be able to send the wedding couple a gift card?

Yes, during the checkout process you will choose either to send an online gift announcement or we will mail a customized deluxe gift card. The online gift announcement is an electronic message that is delivered via email to your couple. The gift card carries your personal message and is mailed to them or to you to hand carry to the wedding or shower.
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How do I know what amount to give? Are the gifts per person or for two?

In general, the total cost of the gift can be obtained by multiplying the amount requested times the quantity requested. The amounts listed for each gift request are based on the suggested total cost for both as provided by the suppliers. Your couple may divide the gift into smaller amounts taking into consideration the different budgets of their guests. You can choose to contribute toward the entire gift cost or give the entire amount requested. When you go through the purchase process, you can select to give several gift amounts or to purchase multiple items.

Example: For "Upgrade Our Honeymoon Suite" the couple may request 10 gifts in the amount of $60.00 each. This means the total cost is $600.00, yet the couple has divided it into smaller amounts. You can purchase the entire gift amount or be one of the 10 guests that contribute toward the upgrade.

Please Note: All gift amounts are displayed and transacted in US Dollars. If you are viewing this site from outside of the United States, please keep currency exchange rates in mind when purchasing a gift.
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Why not just give them money at the wedding?

This registry service allows you to give something that the couple really wants and will cherish forever - you will be remembered for taking the time to pick a personalized experience! Receiving envelopes of checks the day before they leave for their honeymoon may not allow them to pre-plan for their trip or have these gifts available on the trip. Checks may be deposited, but not available until after their departure.
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I'm not computer savvy; can you help me with the purchase?

Don't worry, you can call in your order or we can guide you through each step - it's easy! We also accept orders by mail or fax. Just call Honeymoon Wishes' toll free number 877-699-5884, Monday - Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time to purchase your couple's wedding gift.
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What is the service & handling fee for?

Olivia does not, under any circumstance, receive any portion of this service and handling fee as the fee strictly allows Honeymoon Wishes to run a secure website, process their gifts, provide a toll free number for live customer service, keep a complete accounting for the couple, host their wedding website, process gift certificates, process credit cards securely, be bonded and insured for $3M, be PCI compliant and most importantly, this keeps it free to register for the wedding couple - after all this is their day! The service & handling fee eliminates other typical wedding registry costs, such as shipping and gift-wrap charges. In addition, announcement and gift message cards are free, and can be downloaded at any time. We ensure that the couple has the freedom to choose how they will use their gifts on their honeymoon and they are dealing with a professional and secure honeymoon registry company.
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How do I find my couple's registry list?

On the home page of this website, in the section - FIND A COUPLE, enter either one of your couple's first and last name or just a last name, then click the "FIND COUPLE" button. If there are several couples with the same name, all will appear and you can choose your couple.
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How do I buy the couple a wedding gift?

It's easy to do! First, have fun looking through the list of gifts your couple has selected. Once you decide which gift(s) to purchase, simply click, ADD TO CART. You will review your gift selection and amounts, and then proceed to the CHECKOUT. The system will prompt you through the process, asking for your credit card information, to choose your gift announcement or gift card and process the transaction.

We are here to help! Just give Honeymoon Wishes a call at anytime during the process, 877-699-5884.
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Where does the money go when I make a purchase from this registry?

The funds are deposited and held in a client trust account. Credit card fees are sent to merchant services, while the service fee is deposited into our general account. Gift funds are then distributed to your couple according to their account set up.
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Is the honeymoon registry site secure?

All transactions are processed at the highest level of encryption using secure SSL technology as verified and guaranteed by GoDaddy. We have frequent scans by Trust Guard's PCI Security Service and have taken considerable measures to safeguard your information. We also carry a $3,000,000.00 insurance policy to protect you from fraud, theft and identity theft.
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Do you store my personal or credit card information?

We do not have access to your credit card information after your purchase. Our own staff cannot see your credit card information. We do not store or sell your personal information. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.
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Can I call or fax my order in?

If you would like to call in your order, you can use Honeymoon Wishes' toll free number at 877-699-5884, Monday - Friday; 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time. If you would like to fax your order in, please provide the information necessary and fax to 858-433-0500.
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How do I get my receipt?

After your purchase on the honeymoon registry is complete, a receipt will be emailed to you. Should you have issue, kindly contact Honeymoon Wishes' customer service at 877-699-5884.
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Does the wedding couple have a way to see what I have purchased?

Your wedding couple has online access to all account details, including gift purchases and receives email notifications of each gift. They can log in at any time and view the gifts they have received.
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How can I contact Honeymoon Wishes if there is a problem?

We provide all support and software for this gift registry. You can email Honeymoon Wishes or call the Honeymoon Wishes toll free number 877-699-5884.
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