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You can search for a couple by entering in the bride or groom's first and / or last name to find their honeymoon registry.

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Sh'Mekia Gooden and Vineece Brantley
Maggie Hoyt and Christi Barber
Madeline Bunnell and Patricia Simons
Tasha Johnson and Vanessa Boyd
Donna Shands and Cassandra ButlerDonna Shands and Cassandra ButlerOakland Park, FL
Hollie Denton and Matthew Barnes
Lori Browning and Janeen Van Vactor
Tiffany Ellett and Mel BarfknechtTiffany Ellett and Mel BarfknechtKing George, Virginia
Christine Benjamin and Kristin McCann
Samantha Beuer and Krista HammSamantha Beuer and Krista HammCocoa, Fl
Cheryl Bodwin and Chris VallesCheryl Bodwin and Chris VallesPhoenix, AZ
maggie beaumier and everygirl beaumier
Ann Poston and JaNette Barnett
lerhonda Bell and kennatta Willis
Ella Collier-Benson and Bridget Benson
Jen Baird and Mindy Baird
Jennifer Baird and Mindy BairdJennifer Baird and Mindy Baird
Angela Calloway and Mary Anne Basco
Tori Brobst and Alexus Douglas
Denise Bailey and Montrelle Stewart
Anissa Jones and Betsy Brantley
Tamika White and Shawn Barnes
Peggy Belcher and Louise Lynn
Suzanne Bach and Stephanie Wiencek
Lauren Boismier and Christine SleeperEscondido, CA
Elissa Cheramie and Rosa Berry
Betsy Blose and Jennifer GarrettAsheville, NC
Alyx Fravel and Lakeisha BrownStaunton, VA
Joyce Desplanque and Susan Bent
Ashley Barbour and SeTanya De ShieldsOakland, CA
Jenny McDonald and Janellyn BergerApache Junction, AZ
Tracy Burton and Aileen MurphyChicago, none
Tiffany Betts and Breanna StephensShelton, WA
Karia Brown and Kirstin EmigBurbank, CA
Patti Doeltz and Karla BowersMuncie, none
Liz Burnstine and Linda KaneEvanston, IL
Shameca Ricks and Monick BuggsBattleboro, none
Raveta Johnson and Mary ButlerSan Antonio, TX
Cara King and Maria BertucciCara King and Maria BertucciHomer Glen, IL
Cassie Bailey and Alicia JohnsonEl Paso, TX
Darlene Doyebi and Sharon BrowneDarlene Doyebi and Sharon BrowneEdgewood, NM
alisha boney and stephanie fryOkc, OK
Stacy Barrett and Patricia TejeraCarmel, NY
tonyelle braxton and shawntell millerSt.louis, MO
Emily Brewer and Lacie NelsonAshland, OR
Pamela PJ Biretz and Maria R IbarraMarshalltown, IA
Linda Leftwich and Jessica BlackSan Diego, CA
Misty Town and Michele BowersPaola, KS
Melissa bruno and sharron JohnsonPoint Harbor, VA
Jamilia Hollingsworth and Fatima BrowerBronx, NY

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